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They are expected to perform very well and their hard work will definitely show its colors in the form of good marks. Also, your siblings may go abroad for studies and career growth. Health wise, this year you need to be very careful.

Know Your Signs – Sagittarius

A good lifestyle is the key of a happy and healthy life. Overall, this year is expected to give better results at domestic front. Predictions for says that healthwise, this year needs more attention as there are chances of some serious health related problems. You need to be really very careful especially March to May. During , issues like abdominal infection, insomnia and eye related issues may trouble you. Also, over aggression may create problems like high blood pressure around this time.

After October, you might feel pressurized due to excessive workload and unable to take proper rest. But remember that health should always be your first priority and you are advised not to play with your it, otherwise you will land in a problem. Though your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power and you seem to lack interest here, it's still a good idea to give this area more attention. First off, health needs to be watched and can't be taken for granted.

Three long-term planets are impacting on you. This shows that there is happiness and fulfilment in these kinds of pursuits even though you lack the interest. You will enjoy learning about health, taking on health regimes and exploring the nuances of your body. With both Uranus and Jupiter squaring your Sun, your heart needs to be given more attention. There are many natural and drugless ways to do this. Energy levels will tend to be volatile. Sometimes you will have the energy of 10 people and other times almost zero.

The main danger is overwork, not recognizing your physical limits, pushing your body beyond what it is designed to handle. Uranus' move into your 4th House of Home and Family will create a volatile and extremist emotional life. Moods can be ultra-high and then become ultra-low. Too much of this can impact on your physical health. There is a need to cultivate 'emotional equilibrium'. The best way to do this is through meditation exercises and many of you are deeply involved in this but others of you might resort to medication.

Medication is only a stopgap and doesn't deal with the real issues but sometimes a stopgap is necessary. It buys time until you can get to the core issues. Pluto has been in your 1st House of the Body and image for many years now. So there is a detoxing, a refining and a deep cleansing of the body going on. This is not sickness but a flushing out of old and effete matter.

Understand this and co-operate with it. Venus is your Health Planet and she is a fast-moving planet. Over the course of the coming year she will move through 11 of the 12 Signs and Houses of your Horoscope. Your health needs and attitudes will change almost monthly. We You and I. Venus will make a rare retrograde this year from May 17th to June 27th. That will be the period for reviewing your health regimes, diet and doctors. It will not be a time for making any drastic changes. Wait to make these changes after June 27th or before May 17th. Your health judgment might not be up to its usually high standards and the overall health situation might not be as you think it is.

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Health is going to improve dramatically after September 25th as Jupiter moves away from its stressful alignment with you but until then be sure to rest and relax more, delegate responsibility and tasks where possible and try to work smarter, not harder. Keep a sharp focus on priorities and let lesser things go. If Sagittarius has one problem, it is lack of focus. The world is so interesting that you want to explore everything but focus is exactly what you need these days.

The distractions are like leaks in your petrol tank and need to be plugged up. As they say, 'Keep your eyes on the prize.

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  8. According to predictions for Sagittarius, This year is very important for students as lots of positive developments are expected. You are likely to work very hard in a bid to achieve success and you will surely taste the fruit of success during this period.

    Mula Nakshatra (Vedic Astrology) Sagittarius Horoscope Secrets Ep. 18

    At times, problems like weak memory and lack of concentration might trouble the natives Sagittarius Also, you might feel that the result is not as per your expectation. But with the help of your strong will and positive attitude you are likely see better results very soon.

    Sagittarius Horoscope

    All you have to do is, as per planetary alignments, to give some more time to your studies and focus on your goal. Success will surely come to your way. Students in higher studies are expected to perform very well. Also, time is good for participating in a competitive exams, because there are strong possibilities of scoring good marks. You should carry out the tasks which you get in the best possible manner.

    You need to gather all your skills and abilities to handle the task successfully. The task which you will be given may turn out very important for you. It may give your professional life an important turn according to Sagittarius Career Horoscope It will give you professional growth and success. On being successful in the tasks, job holders will be moved to a higher grade.

    This up gradation is to keep you in high spirit. It's going to make you happy and give you a sense of satisfaction. In between, you may experience challenging situation to handle. See Saturn is over your 7th house, which means the requirement is to focus on this area. Those who are looking for a marriage alliance will find support from this transit. If already married then there will be good times with spouse.

    With father, there will be some good times spent with him. With Mother, there will be some issues and you may fully agree with her on some points. With sibling, everything looks alright and the elder sibling will progress in life especially if it is your Brother. Overall a good transit for you and with a little care on the relationship, both work and personal, you will find yourself at the bright side of life. Saturn is an out and out malefic planet for Cancer ascendant natives and whichever house Saturn will go, that house will feel the wrath of Saturn.

    Saturn transit over your 6th house demands special care as far as health is concerned. The Same attention is required for the health of your spouse also. Here, Saturn is 7th house lord and carries the signification of marriage and married life. Its transit through your 6th house may lead to some trouble over your married life, especially if your 7th house is afflicted. For Cancer Ascendant natives, Saturn transit over 6th is most malefic transit, especially for their marriage.

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    Those who want to visit abroad, especially for settlement will find themselves lucky in this regard. For Leo Ascendant Saturn rules over the 6th and 7th house and is a malefic planet for them and during Saturn transit Saturn will be over their 5th house of the horoscope. Saturn transit over your 4th house from November was very painful and it leads you to many not so good situation. Now the whole scenario will change and Saturn over your 5th house will be better than its current transit through your 4th house. There will be chances of marriage and childbirth, but some cautions might be needed for both of these aspects of life.

    There will be gains during this period, but they will come to you after persistence and handwork. Remember nothing comes easily with Saturn and when it comes, it stays for long. Wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire to minimize the bad effects of Saturn from to Saturn transit in Sagittarius will be through your 4th house and the golden phase of Saturn transit through your 3rd house will end with it. Saturn transit over your 4th house will have to mix shades of positive and negative. Saturn through your 4th house can affect the health of the mother, domestic peace, and career progress.

    If passed with a positive attitude this transit will provide you with a good base for progress in the future. Wear a Jyotish quality Emerald to remove the negative effects of Saturn transit in Sagittarius. This time Saturn is moving to their 3rd house where Saturn performs well naturally and I am sure its effects will bless you with all-round success in life. This transit will bring all-round development to their life.

    Saturn movement in their 3rd house will lead to travels, progress to younger co-born, promotion and is very good for people related to sports and politics. Saturn transit will also bring you into a love relationship and those who are planning for progeny will find themselves lucky. Saturn is in your ascendant since November and there were delays in all aspects of your life.

    Now with Saturn transit through your 2nd house will lead to many changes in life. First of all, your health will improve and all the laziness you were experiencing before will be gone. Your career will come on track, but slowly but surely. There will be sudden marriage plans in your mind and with the support of Dasha and the planet Jupiter, it will materialize this time. Saturn transit over your 2nd will have some negative effects on your family and food habits.

    Try not to indulge in harmful food habits and bad company of people also, it may lead to problems like alcohol intake or smoking. Overall it is better transit, then the current one, but still some cautions are required in health and physical safety areas. For Sagittarius ascendant natives Saturn rules over 2nd and 3rd and is a malefic planet for them. With Saturn passing through your ascendant there will be some health issues along with some laziness or in other words, you will find yourself postponing important works, which ultimately will lead to obstacles in your path for progress.

    Overall a transit which is better than the current one, but some tough situations will be there. Because for you transit of rahu rahu-Ketu will be difficult in also, actually this is the only ascendant which have back to back unfavorable transits going on until year If you are in Dasha of Saturn, Rahu,Ketu or Venus then you should take cautions in all areas of your life. Wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire to minimize the bad effects of this Saturn transit. Saturn is lord of the 1st and 2nd house and is a benefic planet here.

    These folks are very fond of religion and following the righteous path, but Sagittarius people are more about be practical than being in the dream world of philosophical knowledge. There wisdom comes from thinking logically. Sagittarius people love studying, they love getting their masters' degree, Ph. D and becoming a professor. If these folks can stay at a universe for life; they will do that. Sagittarius are also about free spirit and giving space to their partner, and expecting the same in return.

    For Sagittarius people, loving making isn't as important as talking about intellectual things, while in bed. This is why most of the time they only prefer someone with low sex drive, but high educational drive. The best profession for these people would be to become a professor, writer, researcher, non-fictional writers.