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Do not be too impulsive but use this as your kick start for something better. Thanking Haruka-san of sora. Will wait til I get my mane dyed again! Hoy 28 de agosto, Marte despierta de su periodo retro. Lo hace en el grado 27 de Capricornio. Ya era hora, maldito. Pues nada, el planeta de la guerra, la voluntad y el deseo espabila. Guardaros un as en la manga. Y haced cierto uso de paciencia. Whenever a planet goes retrograde, its energy expresses itself in a more internal way rather than an external way, almost like the energy of the planet is filtering through us on the deepest of layers.

While Mars has been working on our deeper layers, we may not have always been conscious of what exactly it was trying to teach us. But now, as Mars moves direct and starts rising to the surface, into our conscious mind a little more, we are going to get to see just what messages and insights Mars has for us. Whatever inner work Mars has been doing is going to be revealed, and it is likely we are going to be able to take this new information and use it to push forward in our lives.

Because Mars is all about taking action and getting motivated, whatever new insights rise to the surface are going to help us to make some much needed progress. After months of being held back we are finally going to feel supported to move forward and take the actions we have been wanting to make.

New inspirations may find us and we may even find that projects we started back in June receive a new life or a new burst of energy. In fact, if you have been working on something and struggling to get it off the ground, or if life events that came your way around June are still lingering, you may find that Mars turning direct delivers that final push. To help activate this energy, consider bringing new life or making some changes to whatever projects you have been struggling to get off the ground.

Look for new inspiration and perhaps open your mind to think about things differently. By making some changes and tuning into the lessons of Mars retrograde, it will help you to get your projects moving forward with more speed and ease. In comments. Mars goes direct today, having been retrograde since June We did it. Mars retrograde's effect through most of the summer really slowed things down - like moving through molasses.

The good news is having had all that time to reflect on where and how you would like to direct your energy gives your actions greater impact and focus now. Cheers to that! Feeling in need of a little cosmic check-in? DM shopmyths to reserve your spot!

What are you super excited to get moving on now that Mars is finally direct? As the warrior planet returns to his customary speed over the next few weeks, so, too, will the stalled plans, productivity backlogs, and stuck, frustrated areas of the last summer. That Mars is stationing at the exact degree of his exaltation — 28 Capricorn — is really something. Even though Mars is only just beginning to get things started again, the end of this retrograde still feels like a pretty major accomplishment in and of itself.

Hot on the heels of that watershed full moon is the conclusion of Mars' retrograde in mere hours from now. He has been hamstrung in reverse gear since the end of June but we have felt the effects - delays and frustration, a loss of fire or passion, disasters in battle, exasperation with Martian types across the board - since May. I felt this particular rx to be at once a call to arms and an invitation to lay them down, as we re-envisioned our relationship to our anger.

This demanded yet another swan dive into our shadow to revise and reform how anger operates through us. Less going off like a packet of crackers and more as a galvanising force for change. So riddle me this darklings, as our scorecards are collected, how did you do? Did you avoid picking a fight or starting a war and let the snipers shoot themselves down? Did you skip detonating your life while vomiting bile and blame? Did you not allow the frustration and trigger fondling to get you cocking your gun, or firing dangerously low shots across the bow?

Did you even deftly sidestep the manbags at twenty paces in favour of a well funnelled firepower that effected change sans immolation? The next few weeks as Uncle Mars flexes his muscles and begins to breathe fire once more will be the grand reveal. The next few hours of his stationing - much like the last few days - may well test you more than the whole smoking transit.

If you have done the heavy lifting at a safe-ish distance from a manic world, you will pass with flying colours. All of this, all of us is a work in process. A baby step here and a giant leap there. Look well to your progress, even if you only held your tongue twice. Look forward to it sticking and still shifting in you.

Anticipate a rise in passion and drive and desire. Channel them into your lovely existence rather than wasting them elsewhere. The gloves are off this year and it is indeed your life you are fighting for. Use it or lose it to lesser gods. Art trashriot. Daha ne olsun. I had a bit more energy today so I am feeling better. The car accident on Tuesday afternoon really knocked me down for a bit physically, mentally and emotionally.

I don't spin as much in my mind wondering how I missed seeing the other car. I suppose I have wracked my brain enough about it. I did write it all down last night and did some astrology charts on it for myself and my daughter and maybe that helped clear my mind. I may share on my blog perhaps later this weekend. I just came to acknowledge that is what happened, own it and now I just have to deal with the outcome, insurance, temporarily without car and so forth.

I found myself feeling into the moments of my day at home, working from home that I was really here and didn't have a vehicle to run errands or anything. Honestly, it felt weird as I am always running errands for my family. But they just got pushed to the weekend when I can use my husband's car. Focusing on work and my daughter getting ready to go back to school. Only a few more days of Mars in retrograde. I can say this retrograde has been more than challenging! At least it has cooled down and the air quality is returning to normal. Still so much to be grateful for and that is the most important thing.

When I first pulled these cards, it felt like a contradiction. Then I remembered about balance. And how perfectly these two cards can balance one another. We are all human. Remember to take a step back before you react. Getting thy feet on the ground or hands plunged into soil or sand is balm for discombobulated earthlings. Our nature demands constant earthing.

Lady Luna is ensconced in Capricornia for another day or more yet. Here she shines her brightening light on many an outer planet in retrograde, which can explain the status anxiety and discomfort tucked into these yawning days. Saturn and Mars are both at home in Capricornia and Pluto will blow stuff up anywhere, as and when required. Old lore claims these three as malefics, unfavourable causers of harm. They just take no shit. All three are still retrograding, asking us to peer deeply back into our lives to get the foundation stones solid. Saturn rx is a restriction that forces us to do the real work required to get the bones right.

No shirking, no excuses or your foundations will rot. Pluto rx is a proctologist's eye view of our personal power structures, how we use 'em and abuse 'em. Mars at the pointy end of his rx has had us having to resist the fight in favour of redirecting our fire, sans immolation. Discomfort much? That is the whole point, unbalmed by blame and unsung in their collective power to transform. Tomorrow the blessed virgin arrives as we shift out of roaring season and into the well grounded pragmatism of Virgo.

This is a month in which to get our feet solidly on new ground, clean up any eclipse hangovers and get organised to take on our brave new world. Earthy retrograde medicine may be a bitter pill to swallow but its worth getting mud in your toes and sticks in your hair for. Plug back into mama nature and stay there. After all, we can only rebuild from the ground up. Everywhere seems to be bad air.

Smoke filled skies choke out the blue sky and have most of us indoors for a few days until it clears. The fires seem to get worse each year and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight to the depressing news of loss related to them. I pray for fall rain to clear the air and put out the fires. Next week kids start school here so hopefully it will be okay for them to be outside by then. Today the Sun and Moon trine from Leo to Sagittarius as well as Mercury steadily picking up speed again in Leo going back through the degrees already traveled. We have Jupiter in Scorpio applying to a trine with Neptune in Pisces adding a bit of mystery and imagination to the mix.

Just over a week left of my reflections on Mars' retrograde. It's been a process and learning about my thoughts and feelings end of day doing these nightly except when traveling. As you can see one disk at the base, appearing as though energies are being pulled down to Earth. Endurance, patience, determination can be used powerfully now INternally.

Put your money where your passion is. So here we find ourselves darklings, post the eclipsia maelstrom with Merc mere moments out of retrograde and everything still kinda not there yet. In fact all the not quite there yet's are lining up in front of us. Which means - whether we like it or not - a period yet worth pausing in and picking carefully through, lest any of our screaming evolution be undone.

We remain a good long week out of Uncle Mars leaping forwards again so don't be fooled into an early charge. Weapons down and give your war council some more time off. Mars is sitting in Capricornia, a home base that supercharges his next steps but in retrograde still blows up an early jump or shot across the bow. Launch at your peril. This week is instead built on getting the lie of the land you now find yourself in. And mostly, the stars aid our understanding. Court observation and intuition.

Mainline fresh inspiration and simply notice the pretty new birds fluttering about your nest. Keep in touch with your grief and your loss so the home it builds in you is not toxic. It remains part of your story even as the new horizon shines brighter than our dark night now passed. Let it sink in and unwrap itself. Therein lies its strange beauty and its wisdom, which you are built to carry forwards with you. If you jump too fast right now, an unravelling will be your next hurdle.

There are still crocodiles and their stupid salty tears to be put to bed, once and for all. Skip this and you will continue to wake up to their gleaming jaws. Just because we have been shot out of the eclipse cannon towards the peak emo Pisces full moon next weekend. Just because we are all and each finding our feet in our brave new worlds. Just because Christ on a bike, it has been way more to choke down than we thought we could rightly swallow and proper digestion is its own reward.

This week is built on catching up. On sleep, because we're all so bloody exhausted. On loose ends still flailing that require a good knotting. On whom and what we love - that loves us right back - because it is truly what holds us together. Bed thyself down.

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In a month or two, you will be so very glad that you did. End of a lovely weekend visiting Seattle for work and play. We love getting a weekend away to experience the opera and Jazz Alley. We added a little shopping this time too. We listened to Aretha Franklin on vinyl tonight and celebrated her amazing life. What a voice and an icon she became over her life. Feeling blessed, time to rest and a new week starts tomorrow with several projects that are in process. Now with Mercury direct things should pick up a little bit.

Retrogrades everywhere is the theme for I used to grudge through these times expecting everything to go wrong. Now, I know these are times where influential change occurs in our lives that can go one of two ways; we use this experience s to better our selves, or we see it as an inconvenience and leave it at that just for it to happen again in the future. These are learning pauses the universe provides for our growth. Mercury Rx ended yesterday, and Mars is stationing direct on the 28th as well. In regards to being more influential, the award goes to Mars since it occurs less often.

Mars rules our anger, ambition, and sex lives. What is it in these parts of your life you need change? What has the past two months shown you? To add to this, Venus the planet of love and beauty goes retrograde Rx on October 5th. Let be the year you find your self worth and bring only the types of relationships that fulfill you. Mercury Rx is finally direct, and we can slowly get back to moving forward with permanency.

Give it a little time to regulate, and remember, Mars goes direct on August 27, so early September is when we really feel we can fully move forward. October will bring my least favorite retrograde-Venus retrograde. I mean, who really likes to see the planet of love, beauty, finances, and aesthetics go backwards? A fun filled day in Seattle with my husband. Donuts for breakfast, visiting Wallingford and Freemont and an evening at Jazz Alley. How to Track an iPhone. Whatsapp hack free. You will be able to gain the information you need without the cell phone user.

Use your UPS InfoNotice or tracking number to get the latest package status and estimated delivery date. My goodness. I really hate the way they wrote Pyo Na Ri. She grew a lot in her job but her personal life kinda really sucks. Just let him die, he didn't care about himself. Why should you Pyo Na Ri?

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He pushed you away so many times. The second lead syndrome is too damn high in this drama. Just like in She Was Pretty. Jung Won deserved a lot better than what he got from Pyo Na Ri. I cracked up sooo hard that it made me cry hahahah!!! I still couldn't get over it This drama is quite 'weird' in dramaland when in the beginning the male lead was portrayed to be unlikable and the second male lead is written as swoonwothy as possible lol.

It's Jo Jung Suk that save the role of Hwashin. I happened to sympathize with this character a lot thank to Jo Jung Suk. From haft of the drama toward the end Hwashin had grown very much and really proved his love for Nari. I love how they cared, sacrificed for each other and always put each other first, especially from episode 18 onward. And Jungwon turned out to be a quite selfish and superficial guy lol.

Thank God Nari chose Hwashin at the first place! I dont think Nari cheated on Jungwon. It's not like Nari and Hwashin had planned to date behind Jungwon back. The kiss between them was a burst of emotions in a short moment when they couldn't contain their feelings anymore It's obvious that Nari never loved Jungwon and has always had feelings for Hwashin , and after the kiss she ran to Jungwon and broke up with him RIGHT AWAY. I don't understand why some still think Nari cheated on Jungwon.

She didn't. One more thing I like about this drama is that it tells people who have flaws, which are all of us, that flawed people deserve to be happy too. Over all, I love this drama, real characters, real scenarios, top-notch acting from both leads, although it's a little dragging at some points and I feel like it could be a good 20 episodes drama.

JWjinny Sep 17 am I love this drama so much. Chojungsuk is amazing actor. It's a good drama to binge watch but it brought out lots of emotions, especially frustrations. Once again, What the Heck! I'm still on Episode The writing for this show was decent Pyo Nari has 0 backbone, and them all moving in together like a polyamorous wrong-turn was ridiculous. Jean Aug 28 am This was a fun drama to watch. Actors were portraying their roles very well. An inconvenient plot. It might be fun but I was more frustrated.

I just can't fathom the idea of the mentality 'women love jerks' more because in reality this does not work. The idea of a women who clings for a guys attention even after being dumped and take him back after all the shit is very degrading. The woman character should have atleast a sense of self respect,rather going back to an asshole she should have chosen someone who cherish her.

And cheating to a good guy is a crime. Okay if im being honest of myself, I think I just keep watching this because Gong hyojin's acting is flawless. Zeny P. I really love the she portrayed her role in every series she did In this one she did so well Im searching for her other series and I'd download it After work Can watched it overnight.. Eloisa R. Jul 21 am I have work and I watched this drama for only 4 days.

That's how I'm addicted to it and love it. At first, I watched this because Gong Hyo Jin is here coz she's one of my favorite korean actress. I love all of her dramas that I watched because the story has sense and deep meaning. He's acting is really damn good and he portray the character very well. I love on how the drama is in a serious scene and then something will happen that will make you laugh hard. Lee Hwa Shin might be a jerk for what he did to his brother and Na Ri but at least he proved in the end that he was not that bad.

I have that sudden thought not to finish the drama because of this because I really hate being unfaithful. This disappoint me a lot. Yet, this drama is worth watching and will be one of my forever favorite. Nike Jun 09 am This is my first online comment about k-drama. I can't imagine a girl like her in real life. I really hate her everytime she doing something stupid. He emotes so well into the character. You could literally see every expression and what the character may be thinking.

He really brings the character alive. Jo Jung Seok is such actor! Because of this, Lee Hwa Shin is one of the most interesting flawed male characters I've seen to date. I was expecting more than this from GHY, she almost always played as a strong woman or at least made a right decision at the end, its ok its love was a phenomenal, master sun was so good, producer is nice, and pasta At least the humor was perfect.

Hwa Shin treated and talked to Na Ri like a dog. It made me angry to see her take it from him without demanding to be treated with respect. However, the first episode made Hwa Shin look like such a jerk to Na Ri for no reason except that he's an evil B that nothing the rest of the series could do to make up for that except give us an acceptable explanation and they never did.

Also loved her in Master's Sun where at least Joong-Won had an understandable reason for being so mean at first but he was so good and kind to her by the end. Plus Kong-Sil GHJ's character in Master's Sun grew to have strong self regard and became very accomplished in her own rights toward the end. This series made me so frustrated.

Pyo Na Ri Mar 16 am This is the funniest drama ever. I recommend this drama.

Cancer October 2019 by Ama -Ending and Beginnings, a new better cycle begins!

All the scenes are really funny. You could'nt skip a scene The ending is really funny tooNani Mar 13 pm The life of the female leader it's make the guy change and fall for her. This is sad, very sad to see this kind of relationship like a good thing. Nani Mar 13 pm A good drama, but it's really sad to see almost all the korean, actually, almost in all the word, the male leaders been soo rude, and selfish.

This is not a good role model for the boys and girls watching. I'm not sayng the drama it's bad. Khej Torres Mar 05 pm I really love this drama. I think this was the first kdrama that I watched continuously, i don't feel bored at all! Thanks to everyone who's behind this such an amazing film. I really recommend this drama to you, jongmal! They're just goals! Please, be together will you? Cristina Feb 25 am I really really Love this drama. Love the whole cast. Fight for your Love no matter what. Learn to accept its flaws and love them.

Cho Jung Seok really showed emotions O my God I love him I always appreciated fine drama ,not another that at you laugh crazy and in a month is forgotten. For me Jealousy Incarnate is a drama to remember, to see again; are dozens of scenes wonderful realized. For mature people. Okiedokum Jan 30 pm Loved it! Great story. I like how they brought in the subject of breast cancer in men. Also gong hyo in and jo Jung suk have great chemistry. Well done! Okiedokum Jan 30 am Gong hyo-in and jo Jung suk are perfect together in this drama. I just watched it for the third time.

Technically twice. The first time thru I'm spending a lot of time reading sub caps.

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But I could tell it was good. Also there's a nice balance of humor and drama and tears. I'm impressed how they addressed the breast cancer issue in men.

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  • Nicely done. Jo Jung-suk did an awesome portrayal. How I would imagine a man would deal with it. Tho I admit, the mammogram segment had me laughing til I cried! Great drama! Mimi Jan 30 am After rewatching these drama for several times , I found that there were a lot of meaningful lines and meaningful scenes which really relatable in life.

    Though you are so much younger than the two lead role, but your acting didn't seem like it. Damn handsome too! Ida Jan 15 pm Am I the only person for whom the acting of Ko Gyung-pyo is so freaking bad that I don't know how he ended up among the rest of the good cast? The only expressions he makes is:1 smile2 poker-face that's supposed to be serious3 wide-eyed that's supposed to be angry, shocked and god knows what else. Farah Jan 12 am Love this drama and miss it so much!!

    So Good Looking! Excellent acting! After watching this drama, the only person I can remember is him only. Absolutely love love him! I don't know how the producers of this drama were able to make heartbreaking scenes be hilarious at the same time! You will laugh, cry, and be in love with all the characters in this drama! The ending is soo satisfying! I recommend all kdrama watchers to try this out!! This is definitely one of my favourite korean drama! It maybe just about daily life drama but it really touches my emotions and it is really hard to move on from it.

    I guess this drama has subtle meanings that really moves me. There are some parts of this drama that really relatable to relationship, life and workplace experience which quite a meaningful drama. They did not overdid and too dramatic in their characters. I also love the other characters as well because they complement each others. Arif Se. Jan 01 am Congratulation oppa and unnie for the awards you have achieved I really disappointed, you two should win the best couple category award, but you didn't.

    I really love your chemistry in this drama Jong Suk and Hyo Jin. You guys deserved them. I hope the PD and screenwriter also got the awards. I really miss this drama. It's not only funny, but it touches on some issues and situations that most dramas never show. Although some characters were not as explored as the the main characters they do stand on their own. Aiko Dec 28 am This drama is not as good as i expected.. It started well but When pyo na ri started dating jeong won, i thought 'what a mess story' i mean we already know the ending.

    So why make the girl date the male lead's best friend? Shit,I feel like I really want to end it soon, i cant bear to watch it for now im on episode So I took a break n started watching another drama. Em-Em Dec 27 pm One of the best rom com I have watched. The story itself is quite entertaining and speaks about real life and love during ups and down. Wow an amazing drama and a very good one. Aiko Dec 27 am It's annoying to see Bbal gang!! I dont like her arrogant look, her gesture, n expecially her acting..

    Geez, She acts like she's central of the universe. She's rude to everyone.. Gosh i really want to skip watching whenever it shows her face. The fighting ahjummas is also too much.. Im on episode I really enjoy watching it. And jun woo,, who can deny his charm? This series should be just focus about the love between 3 main characters, i love the 3 main casts. Dec 18 pm One of my fav comedy romantic drama. It made me laughed a lot. The story is enjoyable and i like the lead actors and actress.

    The story about daily life and love around the broadcasting station always nice to watch, gave me depiction about how to work at broadcasting station. Good drama, it was really entertain me. Mimi Dec 16 am This is one of the best romantic comedy drama I have ever watched. It is hilarious, funny, hot and sexy. I really enjoyed watching it.

    The chemistry between the leads are really impressive. Even the other casts also showed good chemistry. Everyone in the drama such as the leads, the casts, the crews, the PD and the screen writer really did their best and work together so well. Best rom com for me. Le Dec 14 pm best drama of the year.

    Gong hyo jin and Jo jung suk match so well. Really the best chemistry and cast. Even the side characters and stories are enjoyable. This was the funniest and most heartwarming drama. Gong hyo Jin really picks amazing and meaningful dramas. I think I'm an outlier here. I personally prefer Lee Hwa Shin than the second lead. One thing I really like from this drama is, it's breaking the culture of K-Drama, where the first male lead is always a charming chaebol with cool and boring personality.

    As a devoted fan of K-Drama myself, I begin to feel sick of those boring unrealistic first male lead. Having this drama in K-dramaland is like experiencing rain in the desert. So refreshing! I really really love the captious Lee Hwa Shin who looks arrogant and frequently blabs around, but deep down inside is insecure and have a soft spot. It makes the character looks believable and more realistic.

    astrology eclipse jule 24 2018

    Over all, beside the first male lead character, I love almost all of this drama elements. The comical scenes that sometimes doesn't make sense but I find it funny, the realistic chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Suk, and the story line of how people conquer their jealousy with their own way I love it all! Rin Dec 06 pm I think many people wouldn't agrree to how the story runs and ends. It does make me laugh, but trully I don't like the ending. The writer probably shouldn't make The character of ko jung won are more arrogant than lee hwa shin, so that viewers don't take him too pittyfully.

    Kikiko Dec 04 am From great to so so drama, slow paced drama. Second lead is more charming than the first lead. Glenn Dec 03 pm What a surprise to have Kong Hyo-Jin;s character going out on a blind date with 'Chef' from the series 'Pasta'. You don't see him but fans will recognize his voice and know what he meant when talking about their 'goldfish':.

    A really Dec 03 am amazing drama. It was really fun and the comedy literally made me laugh out loud. Wish that all shows could be as funny as this one. Also the characters are awesome and could really stand as their own. Ann Dec 01 am I really don't like this drama.. Entire cast is amazing. The two mothers, Chef, Director of the TV network, friend of lead character - everyone stole the show. Excellent plot and hilarious rom-com drama. Loved it to bits and pieces and loved it to the moon and back. And their chemistry was greaat tooBun Nov 23 pm This is definitely my favorite Kdrama so far!

    I laughed so much because of this drama like they are so damn hilarious. Some scenes are supposed to be sad but I still end up laughing like a maniac. Just totally love it!!!!! Very funny and the characters of Lee Hwa Shin have many flaw but managed to grow and transform throughout episode and become the best partner of Pyo Nari. Not that I hate it I just I find you hilarious. I can't save this in my laptop. The drama is cliche in the surface, but it's actually refreshing and has its own charms.

    Hwa-shin and Na-ri are best couple. I think Na ri is lucky to have a man like Hwa shin, but on second thoughts he can also be very cold and unbearable. That is why he belongs to Na ri because she can withstand his temper. And Na ri will always care for him. Jos Nov 20 pm One of the best! Saranghae JI Nov 19 am Although this drama had ended, I rewatch it as it feels like the first time I'm watching it.

    I miss this drama a lot. This drama really makes me curious about a lot of things and it keeps me thinking too. This drama indeed a unique drama. Watching each of the episodes felt like very short and even they have 24 episodes, I can't get enough. I really hope the broadcast station replay or re-air this drama.

    The BEST kdrama ever. I don't care about the rating or the apperance of the casts. The quality of the story and the superb acting that captured my heart. ExquisitEarthereaL Nov 17 am Jo Jung Suk oppa has always been good in acting, he really portrayed the character very well for every projects he has done. Plus it was a good pairing with Kong Hyo Jin eonnie since she is also a versatile actress , too. Will always support future projects! Now, I'm feeling empty and sad. This will be my favourite and unforgetable Kdrama in my life. I love this drama so much; the casts, the PD, the writer, the plot, the writing, the narration, the acting, the kisses, the sweet gestures and the OST.

    I really hope they could win some awards this year but maybe the rating will effect the competition. As for me, this drama certainly won my heart. Gong hyo jin, youre the best.. Ghj, iam your fan.. Denia Nov 15 pm So freakin hilarious!! Job well done guys! I really enjoyed this drama, acting was fantastic and the story- concept, intro, rising, climax, and ending was captured very well. Kinn Nov 14 am This is one of the best drama i love jealousy incarnateElba Nov 14 am Love it!!! It was a Great Drama and the acting was superb! Jo jung suk oppa best aktor,susah move on darimu oppa.

    Fighting oppa.. It will really touches all your emotions in this one great show I couldnt agree for more to UnapologeticKdramaaddict for those who find it more suitable for Na Ri to end up to Jung Won.. This show teaches us a lot of lesson in LOVE. I could watch this over and over again I still get the same feelings while watching it And yes.. Wow he is s wow actor!!! Can pull off any emotions thru his eyes alone!!!

    He must have save a country in his past life that he was so blessed in this present time. Of course to our second male lead Ko Gyung Po.. Wow how he could act to be a totally dashing gentleman debonaire who can be loyally in love and be able to treasure his bestfriend Natural acting.. I give this show a perfect 10!!!!

    Can't believe it's over. I really enjoy this drama because everything is fun. I watched both dramas. Maybe because skl had to episodes back to back yesterdayChuwahaeyo Nov 12 am I'm really impress by the chemistry both lead actor and actress!! Thanks for making the drama fun to watch. Nicey Nov 12 am Yes, I am satisfied! Awesome drama!

    He is exceptional! This is what we call a genuine talent. He is an excellent dramatic actor, he is a good dancer, a good singer, a good comedian. Good, not, but i think if Ko Gyung Pyo Jung Won was given this kind of role its not going to be this perfect because he is quite stiff.. But if Cho Jung Sook will portray the role of Jung Won, he can be better look at how he warmed our hearts as Hwa Shin, he is very romantic and is very sentimental also.

    I hesitated but don't regret watching it again because I believed in the capability of main leads! Good job! Saranghae JI Nov 12 am After the last scene of the final drama, my heartache and feel like crying. Still can't move on and it's like breaking up with someone you love.

    I never been affected by kdrama before but this drama is very exceptional. Again, so in love with this drama. I will rewatch and rewatch until I get bored or rewatch them to death. Saranghae JI Nov 12 am I feel very empty, devastated, heartbroken, heartache and sad when this drama end. This drama was the most excellent, sweet, beautiful, memorable and amazing kdrama i've watch so far. Everything was daebak and wonderful such as the casts, the writer, the crews, the story and the superb acting of the leads including the background music and ost.

    I really love everything about Jealousy Incarnate. Rating just a number but what important to me is how this drama affect my emotion and bring joy to my life. The preview of each episodes and unpredictable plot makes me as a viewer eager and curious on what happened next. All I can say, Jealousy Incarnate.. The two lead actors are so captivating and the chemistry is so good! For any drama enthusiasts debating whether to watch it or not, I say watch it and you can thank me later! In my books JI is perfect or as close to perfect as it can get. I admit to not knowing where the unconventional ride was going at times, but once I got into the rhythm of the show, NEVER did I doubt that this drama was a masterpiece.

    Unless you adamantly decide to stay on the second lead ship that is! To second lead shippers: I fully understand the pain of being invested in a second lead ship that was eventually meant to sink But tbh, all the signs of its doom were there from the beginning - For eg. Then WHY the extra hate for the show? Or I can understand major SLS bad enough to hate a show, if But both these above scenarios are not applicable in the case of Jealousy Incarnate. So why the hate for the show? So people out there, do not let the comparatively lower ratings keep you away from the drama. The rating in NO way reflects the quality of the drama, it just reflects the resentment of some miffed second lead shippers!

    Boyanx Nov 11 pm Actually, I hope for more side story about the younger one love triangle Just like side love story of suzy little brother in uncontrollably found. I hope for more strory about ppalgang and chiyeol Their characters took us to a very different place of trying to work out what they were really about and who they really were.

    Great actors Cha Jung Suk - respect,great talant!!! Cath Nov 11 am Thank you, Jealousy Incarnate. I had great time watching the show. Thumbs up to all people behind. Cho Jung Suk i'm so proud of you man such a great great performer. I'm so happy for the rise in ratings. Tara Nov 11 am May i know what is the ratings for last episode. I'll miss thisNnss Nov 10 pm Just perfect. Perfect actors, perfect ost , perfect writing , perfect directing , soooo funny , peferct amount of romance and dramaI just don't know how i'll get over thisI don't understand whats with the negative reviews and ratings!!

    Beautiful characters. Beautiful plot. Beautiful love story. Beautiful directions. Beautiful photography. Beautiful message. Main lead is exceptional phenomenal actor. Well, in the end, Jung Won fans, you must be thankful to the producer of the showarjuna Nov 10 am this is a good drama Jung Won fans Nov 10 am from the first trailer, i'm waiting for Jo jung suk Hwa Sin for this drama. Thanks to producer and made him so popular because of this drama.

    But, if i was Pyo Nari.. For the first time for all my life, i am voted for second lead. Waiting for your real drama as first lead!! Well, in the end, Jung Won fans, you must be thankful to the producer of the show, he has a share of publicity, made him a bit popular and was given a chance to shine! Byeizam Nov 10 am I'm glad the rating when down Still fantazising..??

    ♌ Leo September 2018 - Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

    Good luck! I can't let this go this week. My drama viewing lineup will become void. Please bring back sweet married life of Hwa Shin-Na ri couple in Season 2. The guy is so likable. He even fought his mother just to pursue his love for na-ri.