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In what was an engaging one-hour interview by friend and director of IUCAA Narendra Dadhich, Narlikar responded to questions on his book, which details the highs and low of growth of science in India during the millennium. Speaking of the need for a change in social mindset for the development of a scientific temper in India , Narlikar highlighted the role of reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy, one of the personalities whose contribution to science has been recognized in the book.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy is remembered for his role in abolishing sati. He was social reformer who promoted modern scientific education and understood that progress an only come by changing mindset. Responding to questions on science and religion, which form the concluding chapter of the book, Narlikar emphasized that the two were separate spheres and that one should not trespass other.

While religion, said Narlikar, must accommodate scientific facts, science must accept that it cannot explain everything. Creation of Universe, for instance, is still unexplained. He remembered Murli Manohar Joshi as having said that astrology must be taught, as we must rely on our faith - vishwas — also.

Recently in Chennai, a delegation of ministers was being received at a function. On the podium table were many water glasses filled with water and one of them had coloured water. This glass was actually used as a flower-vase: the gardener had just taken out the old flowers and was searching for new ones from the garden. Meanwhilethe minister drank the coloured waterthinking it to be some juice or soft drink.

The minister was in hospital for 3 days, for his blind faith in the contents of the glass.

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So, deduced Mr. For that, they have to further prove that Mohenjodaro and Harappa had some Aryan culture. One mark of Aryan culture is horses, which they needed for travel and warfare. However, when the bone was analysed, it was found to be only years old! Yechuri pointed out another ridiculous gaff of the BJP — appointed historians. In the sites, a statue of a bull-like creature with long hair and mane was found. They fed a picture of it into computers, and one computer concluded that it looks like a horse! So, they said, it is actually a statue of a horse, and so it proves that they were fromAryan civilization, and so Aryans are from here.

Yechuri recalled a joke from his university professorship days. A professor digs in his garden about 10 feet deep, and finds some sort of wire. It proves that the ancient Indians were very advanced — they had telephone! Yechuri had something to say. In North India such a practice would be considered despicable, and the offenders probably lynched. The question is, who is the true Hindu, the North Indians for condemning it, or the Andhraites for allowing it?

In Kerala and among Keralites, the Onam festival is celebrated. Its theme is that a good and benevolent king Mahabali visits his subjects once a year on that day. The subjects are happy that the king lives at least one day a year for them. In North India , Mahabali is a rakshash who is killed by Vishnu, and whose death was necessary so that the world may exist. So, now, who is the true Hindu, the North Indians for condemning Mahabali, or the Keralites for worshipping him?

Preventing religious beliefs is like Ram telling Krishna-worshippers not to follow Krishna , and Krishna telling Ram-worshippers not to follow Ram. From this we can see that even God does not have the authority to tell you whom to worship and whom not to worship.

Atheism is also a belief, so God has no right to condemn anyone for being an atheist. And if even God has no authority in religious matters, who are these saffronites, the BJP and its allies, to tell us? Sitaram Yechuri ersity should introduce such a subject, which will take the students to Middle Ages. Pourohitya should not be taught in Indian universities since it will promote the age-old and outdated rituals, which do not have any scientific or ethical basis. Excerpts from the speech of Mr. UGC has circulated a note to all vice-chancellors of Indian Universities to introduce courses in Astrology at under-graduate, post-graduate and doctorate levels.

ANS has strongly opposed this saffron move of the ruling Government since it gives sanction to dubious science. Our activists contacted vice chancellors of PuneUniversity , Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, BombayUniversity , NagpurUniversity and UttarMaharashtraUniversity in this regard and suggested that the course on astrology should not be introduced as directed by UGC since it is following the path of partisanship and regression.

Almost all the vice chancellors agreed to our stand and promised us that no courses will be introduced in their respective universities. MANS also arranged lectures at various places opposing the move of UGC to elevate astrology as an academic discipline. On one hand we have talented workforce in the field of information technology and still we are trying to pursue the studies already proved defunct. We are trying to laud our obsession with pseudo sciences such as astrology.

ANSinvited staunch supporters of astrology on the public platform to debate on the issue. A number of debates took place in various places and both sides presented their views. In this way the audience was able to make up their mind and convince themselves of the futility of astrology. We also arranged conferences at selected places and the gathering passed following resolutions unanimously:. The consumer protection act to be applied to all astrology practitioners since consumers incur heavy losses due to false predictions.

This was also one more Jamboree trumpeting their own glory especially while UGC has introduced astrology as a subject in a few universities. ANS utilized this occasion to bring home its point against such pseudo-science. We wrote letters to leading astrologers requesting them to submit the proof that astrology meets at least postulates. Past experience shows that none of the experts come forward to put-forth their arguments, or at least a common sense explanation in support of their belief, perhaps it is not a debatable issue as far as they are concerned.

There might be ONE person on the planet that high. I remember Truman Capote said he was tested for IQ and scored over If Truman Capote said that … well, I know little about him something to do with entertainment, American, and flamboyantly gay in the s, which must have been a tough gig , but to sustain such a claim shows innumeracy down closer to the s not the over s. I could write my own IQ test which would give me a score of if I wanted. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Debunking Astrology – The Planets Just Aren’t That Into You

A number of films used his material. A few years ago a film was made about his later life — Capote. Capote was played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Technically, most school aptitude tests cannot be IQ tests as they are not administered by someone trained in the instrument. Perhaps it is destined to remain one of the great mysteries of the universe.

We look forward to a NYT dispatch about how the little messages inside Chinese fortune cookies make life a little more meaningful, a little more bearable. And, whether you fully embrace them or not, you can eat the cookie. Does anyone actually eat those tasteless cookies? I just see the opened for the fortune message and then left uneaten on the plate they came on.

They do get stale and lose taste — but they last a long time so a lot of places have stale cookies …. All planets have apparent retrograde. That is why they are called planets wanderers. Why is the Times publishing this drivel? They know who their current readership is, and what they want.

NYT goes soft on astrology

Well, perhaps that explains what I perceive to be the fatuous, breathless, narrative piffle constituting the first two or three paragraphs of not a few NYT articles. You grew up in the same age I did, the Age of Aquarius. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi? Ravi Shankar? I had my chart done, and continued to see my astrologer for annual updates until she moved to Sedona! Also, she had cats. I found it mildly challenging fun, like a crossword puzzle or murder mystery with a side of personality reading. Thinking back on my youth, I do recall faking an interest in astrology a time or two in order to get laid.

Are you telling him to be quiet? I gather that you yourself will now, as you say, move on? Of course it is. Astrology was used heavily especially by the Jews. Just read the rituals in the Kabbalah. That same outlook rubbed off on ancient Greece, Rome and Christianity. The planets are used as a clock. But half the people that bash astrology still believe in the woo-woo bullsh!

Astrology vs. Religion - Do they Conflict?! (Chit-Chat) - #7DOZ

Like I said, bash away. Since this website is on the topic of what is bullsh! Faith versus Fact. DA, If you want to see mainstream religions bashed, read this site regularly. But if you want to continue commenting here, read Da Roolz first. No, seriously though. I just kind of go along with it, nod my head, but maybe I should be more assertive in my skepticism. Makes one weep. Mangala Dosha is a Hindu belief prevalent in India.

Many will not marry or date a Mangala. In an Indian court ruled that astrology is science. Since then the government has financially supported doctorate programs in Indian universities on astrology. Reblogged this on The Logical Place. Thanks, Niels Bohr. I have also dabbled in horoscope writing. At times there were wire problems and not all of our syndicated stuff would arrive, then whoever was least busy in the office would type a bucket of drivel to be used for the horoscopes.

And naturally, GitHub comes through. With a side-serving of diced Deepities. Sure thing. As soon as the NYT reimburses me the penny of my paper cost spent on the astrology bit. As I recall, all or virtually all of the participants agreed their respective descriptions.

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  • It was then revealed that the sheet for each sign contained exactly the same personality traits. Remember that most Universities now teach that Science, reason, logic et. I believe Nancy Reagan was into astrology. She would advise Ronnie on when to schedule meetings and other things relating to decisions he made as president, and he would listen to her advice. Glad the country made it through his terms. Or did we.

    Effects are still being felt. We never know what us going on behind the curtains. If I remember correctly, it has some astrology in it too. After all, it is all one big scam, right? Does it? I thought most astrological predictions were couched in such vague terms they would fit anything. Just like all fortune telling. Historically of course, though, astrology fulfilled a very noble function as the motivation for all serious astronomy. But eventually astronomy and astrology diverged. I was going to say the same, horoscopes are personal and so varies — or at least their personal interpretation varies.

    The direct analogy to religion is personal intercessory prayers that also could be about anything. Yet such prayers were falsified against a null hypothesis in a meta-analysis, just 20 years after a similar statistical test on horoscopes was performed. It seems to me that when people describe religious claims as non-specific and putatively untestable they are thinking of such things as the magic agencies behind the intercessory prayer magic.

    So if star patterns that are man made projections of star light from various distances can be rejected as influencing us — too weak remaining gravitational interactions — why is it so curious that man made projections of anthropomorphic agencies can be rejected as influencing us? As opposed to NOT actual scientists? Are there any NYT articles written by not actual reporters? People deprived of dreaming go mad. The madman is the man who has lost everything except his reason.

    Honestly, the worst part for me is the moralistic attitude adopted by such believers. For the same reasons that the psychic Randi exposed as a fraud social engineering of the attendees and radio earpiece continued to make money from willing believers.

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      'Astrology won't help you find true love' claim scientists | Daily Mail Online

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